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Captains Log: Supplemental

A snowy/ice wall, overlaid

Stardate 2023.1.2. We’ve been diverted from our exploration mission to a diplomatic mission to Andoria. There is a diplomatic summit being held there by the Andorians and representatives from Federation and non-Federation nations have been invited. As an Orion Ex-Borg I’ve been assigned liaison duty between the Federation and our allies the Klingon Empire inasmuch as it Orion space is a vassal state of the Empire. Lieutenant Colonel Amara has elected to keep the Lilith running for me while I’m away something about it being unbearably cold down on Andoria. As Orions are a tropical and subtropical species I can’t disagree, but duty calls.

 I’ve met with my superiors down on the surface, as well as several of the other delegates and ambassadors. I’ve had a lovely chat with Grand Nagus Rom of the Ferengi Alliance and his lovely wife Leeta. I must say I didn’t expect to have much to talk about with the pair of them, but then they did both spend time on Deep Space 9 before and during the Dominion War. They saw plenty of Federation activity and indeed were involved in some of it. We shared more than a few laughs and long conversations regarding commerce and the difficulties of running an organization whether that be a vessel or a government, over synthehol drinks.

The next day I met with the Klingon ambassador, Umek, and the ambassadors for the Federation and Orion. Sharing a table we discussed plans for our individual governments. I had to smooth over things between the Orion and Klingon ambassadors a few times. Insults such as “greedy petaQ” and “warmongering fatalist” were thrown about. I think I performed admirably in my part in this.

The Federation delegate in that conversation spoke to me afterward and congratulated me on my diplomatic handling of the situation. The last thing anyone wants is a civil war between the Klingons and Orion. Neither species would walk away from that looking pretty. Of that, we agreed. I made the rounds the next day I met with a few more familiar faces. The 3rd and 17th fleet admirals. What surprised me was meeting Kai Kira. I’ve always admired the Bajoran people for their faith. Even if that faith is in creatures that live inside a wormhole near their homeworld, and not, truly spiritual beings. I shared my beliefs in something more than meets the eye. She replied with a soft smile and a hand on my shoulder. “Keep looking, Colonel, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.” Was her response.

The Andorians have done what they can to make their home accessible to other species, but I and the ambassador from Vulcan shared a remark that the temperature was anything but pleasant. His brow raised, the corner of my mouth did. The next day he was wearing much thicker robes. I envied him that.

Ambassador Umek challenged me to a friendly duel. To prove the mettle of the Orions in single combat. I didn’t dare challenge the “limp-wristed socialite” of the Orion ambassador. So. A time and place were set up for us to spar. We attracted an audience of many of the delegates. As bringing weapons to the summit is strictly forbidden, we instead used pugil sticks. Rough approximations of bat’leths served the purpose well. We circled each other for a time before clashing in the center. It was all a blur. He was fast and had reach on me. I had flexibility and remnants of Borg implants and programming. He won the first bout. I the second. And the third ended by a draw, we were both too exhausted to continue.

I won his respect; he asked how I learned to fight. I told him I was a Marine. Federation ground troops, first and last. Also, I had once captained an Imperial Xeno-League vessel. This made his bushy eyebrows raise. He was impressed. After returning to my quarters for a shower and a trip to medical for bruises and muscle strains, I returned to the conference. Ambassador Umek opened a keg of bloodwine he had brought just in case and he, I, the Orion ambassador, and the Federation ambassador from before shared a cup of it. Umek and I talked about the battles we had been in, the others discussing more commercial and legal issues. Talk of the Syndicate going dark for a few months now brought all of our attention to bear as we discussed what this could mean.

In the end, many new deals were signed, and many cooperative plans were laid. I’d apparently made a new friend in Ambassador Umek. And I returned to the Lilith with more than a few sore muscles. Doc, of course, offered to give me something for it but I told her that the aches were well-earned, and I would survive. I was contacted a short while ago by Starfleet Command. Someone new is being transferred to my vessel. A Captain Nightbird. Apparently, she is from Starfleet Intelligence, as to why she is being transferred the only answer I received was “Don’t ask.” I’m less than pleased about having a spook onboard but, we will have to see how the situations play out, won’t we?

On the same call, I did receive some good news. For our exemplary service so far on our maiden voyage, and performance at the summit, we have been granted shore leave. We are to set a course for Risa, where we will be spending a week of shore leave before returning to our regular duties and mission. I must say I quite look forward to it. After Andoria, I could use a little time on a planet with a similar climate as my home world. The crew’s morale, while never very low has lifted greatly at this news and as I walked the corridors of the ship there are many more smiling faces, people talking about their plans, and most everyone has a little more spring in their step. They’ve earned it.

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