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IDIC: Why We Talk About IDIC

Futuristic hallway with text reading "IDIC Blogs: Why We Talk About IDIC"

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) is a Vulcan concept that appeared first in the original series. Gradually, we learned more about the philosophy and how it saved Vulcan society.

IDIC turns up whenever Vulcans do, though it is sometimes kept more as a background statement or an object. After all, it’s a reminder that their perspective is not the only one out there or the only way to think about a situation.

Now, IDIC also applies to the current world. IDIC includes infinite diversity, which is different from complete inclusivity. However, it’s still very applicable to what’s going on in the world and the issues we need to know about.

We need to talk about issues in our society, and not just in a superficial way. That’s part of why these blogs exist. It takes us beyond the issues we’re most concerned about, those directly affecting our lives.

Part of being a diverse ship is expanding perspectives. The more we understand, even if it’s not a complete picture, the better we can support our shipmates and others. Even a little more understanding helps.

We’re a diverse ship in a more diverse world. The more we know about what others might be facing, the better. Even though some of these topics are challenging, getting the basics out there so we can look further, helps.

Every bit broadens our perspective and brings us closer to a world where IDIC is a reality, not a philosophical theory from a beloved TV show. Embracing diversity leads us toward the future we see on Star Trek.

We talk about IDIC now and in the future. We can look at where we are now in our cultures, societies, neighborhoods, friend groups, and more. Together, can expand our own understanding, in turn, helping build the future.

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