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IDIC: Xenophobia is Not a Star Trek Value

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As part of IDIC, we also look at how the values epitomized in Star Trek apply to our current world. After all, we look at Star Trek and wonder about the stars, but we can also look at the history in Trek as what we should consider getting there.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds recently expanded on this point in the opening episode. In the episode (spoiler-free version), Captain Pike goes over the history of WW3 in the Star Trek universe and states it all started with competing ideas of liberty.

That’s something we see today globally. Ethnicity-based violence, passport restrictions, aid restrictions, and more are all global issues. Every corner of the globe has a problem, though some areas handle it better than others.

In Star Trek, we’ve managed to overcome these issues enough to form a single global government. Granted, it emerged after a massive world war and ecological crisis that required everyone to work together or perish.

Our actions today can help us avoid the massive war that spawned a single government in Trek. It’s possible, maybe in our lifetimes, but only if we can avoid the pitfalls of hate, prejudice, and xenophobia.

It’s critical to live up to the ideals we aspire to as often as possible. That means taking stands against all kinds of hate, including xenophobia, and not letting it become part of public or private cultures.

So, what does that look like? It looks like learning about other cultures. It looks like attending educational events. It looks like not avoiding groups as we pass on the street. It looks like joining community organizations. It looks like teaching our children these things. It looks like speaking up when we see something unjust.

Confronting xenophobic hate takes all of us, and it’s not always comfortable. Still, this work is vital, and choosing to oppose xenophobia where it pops up actively is essential to changing the world and taking a step towards achieving those ideals.

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