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Launch announcement

This is Colonel Nightbird. I am hereby ordered and honored to take command of the 17th Fleets newest vessel. The USS Lilith NX-80113 today, Stardate 2022.1.3….People, we are about to begin our official shakedown cruise. We’ll be away from space dock at least six months. During this time we’ll work out all the kinks(…not like that get your mind out of the gutter.) Most of you are fresh out of the Academy. Don’t be intimidated. I don’t care what planet you call home, whom you love, or what religion -if any- you follow. I care about if you can do your duty as Starfleet Officers, Enlisted, or members of the SFMC. You have a problem? I’ll work to fix it. You need an accommodation? I’ll do everything in my power to make sure its taken care of. Your XO, Major Amara, and myself are here for you. We just need you to be here for us….now…Helm? Take us out. Let’s see what our girl can do.

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