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869th Marine Country

Image of a luna class ship in space

Open Spaces

Welcome to the 869th Marine Strike Group, otherwise known as The Specters. “We are what goes bump in the night.” The Specters are a combined Aerospace, and Special Operations group. We are attached to the USS Lilith, and Region 17. When you want to move from point A to point B, you should call the Fleet, but when it is time for things to get done, that is when you call the marines.

The STARFLEET Marine Corps is tailored to those who find a need for a bit more military flavor, a bit more structure in their STARFLEET experience. STARFLEET is the perfect place for those who want to boldly go where no one has gone before.  The fleet has been doing that for well over fifty years, but when the time comes to take action, and you want to stand tall while doing it, join the Marines.


Charity Events

Disaster Emergency Response Preparedness


These are all places where the marines can and will be found. Small towns, medium sized communities, state, country, or worldwide events; the size is not what is important. Big, or small, it doesn’t matter to us. When you call, wherever you need help, the marines will be there, and we will be more than ready to help.

Image of a luna class ship flying at high speeds

Shore with Blue Sea

Are we, always so serious? No, not in the least. Are you looking for a group of well intentioned, good humored goof balls, to hang out with and kill time? You will easily find a place here with us, and a fun group of people with which to share it. What sort of things do we do in our free time? More than likely, we spend our free time doing the same sorts of things that you already do for fun.

  • Books, both fiction and nonfiction
  • Role play and video games of all kinds
  • Watch parties, movies, and television
  • A rich and active online community
896th MSG logo featuring a blue laurel, delta, and three ghosts with text reading "896th The Specters We are what goes bump in the night"


If you have heard enough, and you believe that the Specters may be the right group of people for someone as high spirited as yourself, then perhaps it is time you stop by and see if you like what you see down in marine country. If you think you might be ready to join, feel free to contact our Captain or the Officer In Charge, and we’ll help you start the process.