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Promotion Point System

Seal of the USS Lilith featuring red text reading "USS Lilith NCC-80113", yellow text reading "Through the darkness and into the light.", blue leaf laurel, grey delta with black astrology Lilith symbol, and a luna-class starship on a black background

The following is the points awarded for various activities, and the points needed for each promotion. Please remember rank is entirely fictional and is presented as a way to recognize members for their level of commitment and participation.

Minimum 6 months’ time in grade, expect a year.

Points are accrued and ‘spent’ at each rank, removing the total needed to promote.

Accruing Promotion Points:

  • Online (meeting) Chats – 2 per meeting (cap 6 per month, need not be all Chapter level) 
  • In-person casual meet ups – 1 per meet up, (cap 2 per month)
  • Active and constructive discussion in business poll or topic – 2-4 per topic
  • Play in approved USS Lilith role play games – 1 point per 2 hours game play
    • Plan/Game Master/lead approved game sessions – 10 points per 4 hours game play
  • Attending convention (give some brief info/report about it) – 5
    • Participate/volunteer in convention – 10
  • Attend SFI/SFMC event – 5
    • Participate/volunteer in SFI/SFMC event – 10
  • Attend other Approved Away Mission – 5
    • Plan/ Away Mission – 10
  • Recruit member – 3 – 5 
    • 5 will be awarded for a new/renewed primary membership to SFI. 
    • Subsequent members on a family membership will be 3 points (maxing out at 5 members and 17 points).
    • Likewise, adding to an existing family membership will be 3 points.
  • Academy courses – 2-5 (cap 20 points per calendar year [Jan -Dec])
    • OTS, OCC, flag officer courses, and any top level course (-300, etc.) – 5 points
    • All other fictional courses – 2 points
    • All other development (real world SFA, NCO, Officer dev, etc.) courses – 3 points
  • Written article for USS Lilith Blog/Fleet Channels/CQ 
    • 5 points per article written for USS Lilith Blog (Cap 10 points per calendar month)
  • Additional 2 points if the article is used by Fleet Channels or Cry Havoc!
    • Additional 3 points if the article is used by the CQ/other international publication
      • 5 Points per article written directly for a specific article (staff articles do not count)
  • Volunteer Hours/Community Service (cap 60 points per calendar year):
    • 1 point for every 2 hours if not obviously participating as a member of SFI
    • 1 point for every hour if obviously participating as a member of SFI
  • Staff work (all staff should have OTS done at a minimum)
    • USS Lilith staff – Staff do not qualify for points based on meeting attendance or discussions – that is expected. Instead, they get 5 points per month for duties assigned. 
    • External staff/positions – 5 points per month (assuming meetings and product output). 
  • Command Staff will assign other points as appropriate for various accomplishments.

Points needed (and spent) per rank:

EnlistedWarrant OfficerOfficer
CRA/PFC – 25
PO3/CPL – 40WO – 55LTJG/1LT – 35 (OTS required)
PO2/SGT – 50CWO2 – 60LT/MCPT – 50
PO1/SSGT – 55CWO3 – 65LCDR/MAJ – 60
CPO/GSGT – 60CWO4 – 70CMDR/LTC – 70 (OCC required)
SCPO/MSGT – 70CWO5 – 80
Promotion to Warrant Officer is in lieu of SSGT from the Enlisted track

OTS is highly recommended for all ship members. This Academy course takes you through the membership manual and teaches you about the larger STARFLEET organization.