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USS Lilith Chapter Bylaws

Seal of the USS Lilith featuring red text reading "USS Lilith NCC-80113", yellow text reading "Through the darkness and into the light.", blue leaf laurel, grey delta with black astrology Lilith symbol, and a luna-class starship on a black background

1) Purpose

It is the purpose of the USS Lilith to have fun! We do this with a focus on, and modelling after Star Trek and other science fiction, for our organizational and recreation purposes.

The intent, structure, and only reason for the organization to exist at all is to facilitate that fun.

  1. Part of the above Organization is membership to STARFLEET International (SFI)
  2. Parts of this fun may be aimed at mature adults, but in majority will be family-friendly in nature.
  3. This fun shall be organized online and, in some circumstances, run online as well.


Membership within the USS Lilith is based upon the above membership to SFI. Beyond that only age and/or relative maturity are to be limiting factors to joining. Members will be 18 years of age, or older. Any exceptions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. E.G. Prospective member’s home and resident countries age of adulthood is lower or higher than 18 years, etc. Prospective members will ensure that they are a good fit to the group as a whole.

A) Race, faith (or lack thereof), age (insomuch as said member meets minimum adult age, or has written parental consent), sex, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, political status, physical dimensions, disabilities and financial means are NOT to in any way be limitations on membership.

B) Geographical location is not a limitation to membership.

C) As this chapter is intentionally run and based online, regular access to internet is required. The specific applications may vary, but specifically access to email and the chapter website are a minimum. Other communication mediums will vary with the technologies of the day. Voice chat capability (headphones/headset, etc.) is encouraged and video chat is something to be considered, inability to communicate in one or both of these means is not cause for membership issue as above stated via disability.


The structure of the USS Lilith will be based on the rank and organizational structure of SFI, which is in turn based on the Starfleet ranks seen in Star Trek. The Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO) will be the chief points of contact for the USS Lilith. They shall organize and manage the ship in a style modeling that of Starfleet. This structure will help, never hinder, the flow of communication and the facilitation of Crew interactions and fun.

Department heads will be appointed by the Commanding Officer, as needed, to fulfill required duties. Department heads will be able to appoint members to their department, as needed. Appointment comes with the expectation of real work to be done. There are no empty titles on the USS Lilith.

The Commanding Officer:

It is the responsibility of the CO of the USS Lilith to organize, manage, and report on the activities of the ship. The SFI required Monthly Service Report, due on the 1st but no later than the 5th of every month, will be compiled and sent out by the CO or other designated representative. The CO is free to appoint staff positions within the chapter as they see fit, to include the XO and any needed Department heads. Via this staff, all communication and activity planning will flow.

The Executive Officer:

The Right hand of the CO, the XO will be capable, and prepared to assume any and all duties of the CO as needed. Additionally, the XO is directly responsible for the receiving of input from the crew for consideration on any topic of official discussion.

4) Succession

The CO serves the ship at the pleasure of the ship’s members. Then required, a 50% +1 of the votes cast by crew members will then elect a new CO. Should a CO need to be removed, a 2/3 majority vote of No Confidence is enough to remove any standing CO. The new CO is then elected by 50% +1 of the votes cast. A new CO will change/appoint new staff as required.

5) Communication

The chief means of communication in the USS Lilith is via the chapter website. Currently located at and our discord server. All members are expected to monitor the website and discord, as needed. Other forms of electronic communication may be used, as needed -but all official, public information will be posted on Discord, or the main website.

By joining this chapter members consent to their contact information being used for chapter business (To include email, Facebook, Discord, etc.) No member may share that data outside the chapter without permission and no other data is assumed available for use per StarFleet Data Protection Policy.

6) No Drama

Members of the USS Lilith will not place their individual wants and desires over the group as a whole. This can and most likely will lead to drama. As the purpose of this chapter of SFI is to facilitate fun and positive interactions with other fans of the Star Trek franchise, drama cannot and will not be allowed to flourish within the chapter.

Similarly, not every person or personality is a good fit for a given group. The USS Lilith happily, will take in members from across SFI that do not seem to fit in with their previous chapters/groups as well as first-time members. If personal/personality conflicts become detrimental to the group cohesion the offender will be asked to leave the group.

The needs of the chapter outweigh the needs of the member…. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

7) Amendments to these By-laws

Amendments to the by-laws will be approved by at least 2/3 of the sitting command staff personnel (CO, XO, and all department heads to include any Marine Strike Group or MAKO/Special Operations members). If one person holds more than one of these posts, they will only get one vote. The crew at large will either accept them as delivered or take it to a vote. 50% +1 of the votes cast will determine the adoption of the proposed amendment/s.

8) Other Information

Other guidance and information that is more dynamic than this document will be made available on the website and/or discord. This documentation is to be considered the ‘constitution’ and rough structure of the USS Lilith but will not and should not include every scenario or problem which may become known during the necessary running of the chapter.